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August 22, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

WARNING: This is a LEMON, which means sex is involved. Do not read if you lack maturity.
This lemon contains oral, 69, fingering, and anal sex. Those are my lemon fetishes… so this was kind of written with my perception of it.

Russia x Reader- Wants and Needs
Whenever I was with my boyfriend Ivan, all alone, I secretly wished for us to do more than just cuddle. Sure, we were very deep in love, but had never… how do I put it, done it. I knew he felt the same, but was too nervous to mention it. But today, I'm going to change that. As I headed over to his house, I stopped at a drug store and bought a lubricant and the largest size of condom possible (I had heard from China that he was very large... down there.).

I knocked on his door, and smiled when he opened it and let me in. "Hey Ivan, look what I got today." I said, throwing the bag at him. He opened it and smirked, "What would we need these for, sunflower?" I sat him down on the couch, and looked into his eyes. "I've been having these… sexual thought about you and I know you've been having them about me."

The next thing I knew, he lips crashed into mine. We were locked in a hot, passionate kiss, with a side of him I had never seen. "Then I will fulfill your need, da?" he whispered once we parted for air. He captured me into another sexy kiss as his tongue explored every inch of my mouth. I pressed my body against his, and opened my mouth wider. Before I knew it, he had the bag of supplies on his arm, while carrying me up with his bedroom.
He laid me on the bed and he took the lube from its box, took out a condom, and put them on the side table. He then went to work removing my shirt as he kissed my neck, biting down slightly on a spot that made me moan in pleasure. After my shirt and bra were discarded to the floor, he started to massage my breasts. "_____, you're perfect." He said as he latched onto one of my perk nipples. "AH~!" I moaned as he licked and sucked, then moving onto my other breast. He detached himself and tweaked my nipples, earning multiple moans from me.

I ripped off his shirt, eager to admire his wonderfully toned chest. Then I noticed his pants growing tighter and tighter. He shed his pants, leaving us in just our underwear. He striped my (f/c) panties off as I stripped him of his Russian flag boxers. My eyes grew wide at the sight of him. "Dear god China was right..." I mumbled. He then lay down, pulled me on top of him, with his cock right in my face. "Suck." He commanded and I felt his tongue in between my folds. Moaning as I licked his tip, he started to trace my entrance with his tongue. I started to suck, going down as far as I could.

As soon as he thrust his tongue into me, I let out a very long, load moan around him. I felt him moan beneath me from the vibrations. His pink muscle darted in and out, making me almost scream in ecstasy.

Right before I climaxed, he removed his tongue and replaced it with a finger. I stopped sucking on him for a moment, and practically screamed his name, "Oh Ivan! More!" I then sucked on my fingers to lubricate them (forgetting the lube I had bought earlier) and as soon as I felt they were ready, I thrust them into his ass. He gasped out of surprise before moaning equally as loud as I was. He added a second finger, then a third, bobbing in and out. He soon removed them, and I let out a sigh of displeasure.

"I know you wanted penetration there, but I'm craving... the other entrance." He said as he slipped a condom around his fully erect member. He squeezed out some of the lubricant and spread it across his member. Positioning my ass above his cock, he rubbed some lube around my other hole, "This may hurt a bit…" he said as he thrust into me, as I screamed in pain. It felt like I was being ripped apart. He smiled up at me and said "Adjust to my size, sunflower. Then it will feel amazing." After a few minutes, the pain dulled and I nodded to tell him to move.

As he thrusted up into me, I moaned so loud I swear China could hear me next door. As his thrusts went deeper and deeper, I needed more "Faster! Harder!" I screamed as he obliged to my requests. I began to move in rhythm with his upward thrusts, making him moan and pant. We felt out climaxes coming, and looked into each others eyes before thowing our heads back.



We screamed as we both came. I pulled off of him and he removed the condom, throwing it in the wastebasket next to the bed. I laid in his arms until we both fell asleep together.

*Time skip to 3 months, 4 year anniversary*
I smiled as Ivan stood in my doorway. We were going to dinner with my parents and his, to celebrate our anniversary, as well as my parent's marriage anniversary. Ivan insisted his parents come, because he said he felt this night was going to be special. I was dressed in my (f/c) dress with (2nd f/c) jewelry to match.

As we arrived, he seemed a bit nervous. "Ivan, you've already met my parents, you shouldn't be nervous." I said. He shook it off and smiled at me. "I'm not scared of anybody, or nervous." He said as we sat down. I smiled at my parents, who looked like them knew something was going to happen. "_______, it's lovely to see you. You are radiant as ever." Ivan's father complimented me. "Thank you Mr. Braginski." I replied, smiling.  As we ate, things got… quieter and quieter. It seemed like everyone else knew something that I didn't and they weren't telling me.

As desert was served, Ivan cleared his through, and stood up. "______ _____, I love you. You are my sunflower, and the first, beautiful ray of sun shining after a brutal winter." I smiled and blushed, then gasped as he got on one knee and pulled out a black velvet box. "_____, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me, da?" "Yes! Yes of course I will marry you!" I shouted, hugging him so tight I almost suffocated.

After we kissed, he slipped the ring on my finger. It wasn't huge, but it wasn't too small either. It was perfect. My parents beamed at me before they spoke. "______, Ivan is perfect for you. We approve. He even asked us permission to marry you last night." I giggled and kissed his cheek. "How did you know that I've always wanted someone to do that?"

1 year later, we were wed. That night was even better than our first time together.

Cover Image- [link] I do not own this image and I do not claim it as my own. All credit goes to the original artist. This was found on zerochan.

Ok you can blame my horny mood for this one.

My second lemon... so be nice. The first one was a Police!Switzerland x Famous!Reader. This one makes more sense though.

The proposal at the end is just to make you go "awwwww" and distract you from the major smut that was in this.

So.. I hope you like it. It's my first completed Russia x Reader, so he may be a bit.. OOC.
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TheFeatheredOtaku Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
nosebleed Nosebleed *Reads and starts drooling pervishly*Eheeheheee.... Drooling Tard
Awesome, sexy and super daaaawwww moment at the end!!!
  I also(Unfortunately...) read and write lemons so much my friend calls me the Pervy Sage...(Naruto refrence) Heheheee
Lulu hurr hurr  
Kuraudia-Ve Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh mein...oh Gott that was so awesome~ sooo so SO adorable~!! EEEEE~! I'm totally squee-ing right now~!!! Aaaahhaaa~!! You made me squeeeee~!!!!! >\\\\< 
HoodieSlenderverse Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*Sitting in my room, reading so many Russia X Reader stories and i click on this*.......*Finishes reading it*MIND FUCKED. JUST.....MIND....BLOWN.....(Love it.owo I wanna favorite it but my friends would think im a perv. I STILL LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF THIS!)
Born-Alive Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well maybe I ship them . Wow.
Think about it XD
Pokepal5 Jul 9, 2013  Student
so... so... FLUFF-SMUTTY!!!! :iconohmyglobplz::iconexplosionplz:

Belarus is gonna be pissed...
I was searching for a Switzerland X Reder. And accidentally clicked on this. Diyos ko. What did I just read?
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